Why Not Zero THC?

Why not offer a zero THC product?  Isn't THC the psychoactive component known for its' head trips and couch lock effect?     

First,  ≤ 0.3% THC isn't new those of us in the United States.  We have been exposed to this trace amount in our food products since 2000, when we started importing hemp foods from Canada.

If you've ever eaten hemp seeds, flour or granola, you've already been exposed to these trace amounts of THC. 


The last 20 years of importing hemp foods have proven that hemp products with trace amounts of THC are safe to consume without any issue.

It takes a bit more than what you will find in any legally grown hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant to give you a head buzz. 

In a full spectrum Cannabis Sativa hemp flower extract, you have all of the benefits without any of the head buzz.  

This is part of the full spectrum entourage effect that have been observed, when using all of the constituents (parts) naturally found on the Cannabis Sativa hemp flower.  (Source)

Quite simply:  It's the bee's knees, without the buzz. 

While zero THC products are possible to create, the most common & effective forms of removing THC include using chloroform and ethanol; both which can be toxic.  Why add extra toxins, when there are many benefits an no negative effects, to having trace amounts of THC?

Each cannabinoid, such as CBD and THC, have their own unique strengths when put to work, & the way they all work together is something science has yet to fully understand.

Other cannabinoids and terpenes are still being studied together, but from what we currently understand, these cannabinoids & terpenes work together to magnify each others effect, now called the Entourage Effect


These other cannabinoids & compounds may be the key for optimal functioning of our endocannabinoid system  (ECS) - the system in which our bodies accept & use these cannabinoids.  Our ECS helps with homeostasis & balancing our bodies systems. 

Since trace amounts of THC found in hemp do not cause psychosis, we feel like many others, that the best way to supplement our bodies ECS is with a full spectrum (the complete profile) of what the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant has to offer. 

This follows along with the idea that since humans have spent 10,000 years cultivating this plant, our bodies understand these components and how to utilized them, better than science does, as of now. 


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