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Hello, my name is Cynthia.  I am 40s something wife & mother of two with a passion for healthy living.

I am also one who loves science, biology, & animals in particular.  The inner flower child in me however, has developed a deep respect for the symbiotic nature between plants, insects, & this planet we all call home.

To give a brief bit of history: I was a Pre-Vet major at the University of Florida, having earned a Bachelors of Science in Animal Biology, from the College of Agriculture.  


Additionally, I spent 2 years in UF’s Animal, Molecular, & Cellular Biology program working on my Masters.  My focus was on physiology & endocrinology; my research project involved looking for methods to detect & track hormone patterns in female Sumatran Rhinos to assist with breeding programs.   

Along lifes' way, we were blessed with two children & motherhood put a spin on things for me in ways which I would have never imagined. 

Life became very different looking at the world through their eyes.  Choices made were no longer about just myself & most of the time, I would come second or third in line, at best.

I also developed my own issues that have included major fatigue, IBS, Celiac & Duhrings disease, Lymes disease, joint pain, multiple food allergies, as well as a long battle with eczema that turned into a debilitating skin disorder.

 I had been struggling tremendously with many symptoms including pain & inflammation, nausea, gut issues, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety & depression, all on top of my worsening skin issues.   My list of prescriptions was staggering.

My daily life was often a major struggle; and so I was also struggling with accepting that this was what my life was going to be, without any fix in sight.  

It wasn't until hearing the words cancer, that I really began to pay attention to the importance of what I did and did not put in my body. 

At the same time, my husband was having great difficulty with his lower back pain.  While he had a surgery that had helped for a few years, the symptoms had returned & were severe enough again to consider another surgery, just so he could play with our kids.

As the sole income provider due to my health issues, we could not remotely risk THC for employment reasons, but I was desperate to find him some way to help his pain. I had heard about hemp flower as a method for helping inflammation & pain, but wasn't sure if it was worth the risk of with THC.

I began to discover the many benefits of cannabis helping balance the ECS and that were said to help improve quality of life.   

I was surprised to learn that Cannabis Sativa hemp products have been imported in from Canada since 2000, with these same trace amounts already allowed in our hemp foods for nearly 20 years.
More digging lead me to believe that trace amounts of THC were not likely to show up on a drug test.

Researching more, I also discovered that all Cannabis plants (including hemp), are really great at pulling toxins from the environment, as well as pulling carbon from the air; then returning back fresh clean oxygen. 

Seriously… YAY for Cannabis and planet earth!!  Not so yay for the people consuming or inhaling these absorbed toxins.

This is when I learned that these toxins, like heavy metals and pesticides, can be much worse when inhaled or concentrated into any hemp product.

This brought me to wondering: what exactly is lurking in my Cannabis?


I was now on the hunt to find a clean, solvent & toxin free option; all to help keep my family healthy & feeling better.  I did not want to add to our health issues.

Finding a full spectrum hemp flower oil that was pure of solvents, free of contaminants, toxins & allergens, with a legal limit of THC was hard to come by, so our family set out with a goal to create our own hemp flower full spectrum oil that would meet a strict set of criteria: grown under basic organic growing methods without pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers; providing a hemp flower extract that was effective, safe from toxins, sustainable, & solvent free. 

We simply don’t want to make products that we don't want to use on ourselves or our loved ones.  

I am happy to report I am now down to only one prescription and my overall well being feels much more balanced and capable.  I sleep much better and I am healthier now in my 40s, than I ever was in my 30s.

My Celiacs is for life, and while I am constantly exposed whenever I go out of our house, due to extreme gluten contact allergies (pizza and doughnut crumbs are everywhere including our money) at least my skin heals much faster these days, which I am grateful for.  

All of my lifestyle changes have all lead to my recent news of being cancer free, and that gives me hope that change is possible when we make efforts.  

Reading & hearing about so many other people that are discovering the benefits of trying full spectrum Cannabis Sativa extracts, along with our own experiences, all makes us feel really good about what we are creating for others.

By helping others achieve better health & well-being, we have found a wonderful sense of purpose & drive in providing a high quality, natural health & wellness product that is making a positive difference for people and their pets.

Our mission is to help make a difference for others too, with a positive impact on the future of our planet & our bees; creating a better tomorrow for everyone.


4320 Deerwood Lake Parkway Suite 101-203

Jacksonville, FL 32216


T: 904-402-9256


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