You may have wondered why some hemp extracts & oils are more expensive than others.  Maybe you've tried a tincture and thought it had a harsh bitter aftertaste, or it simply didn't help.

 extraction method is very important when choosing any essential oil plant extract.  Hemp flower oil is no different. The extraction method will change what is removed from the plant, how effective it is, what solvents remain, as well as how it tastes.


Our Supercritical CO2 extraction company is USDA Organic and CDPHE Certified, to ensure a high level of standard is maintained when creating our extracts.

While it costs more compared to traditional solvents, using Supercritical CO2 for extraction ensures the cannabinoids      are activated and bio-available.  It also ensures that other harmful chemical solvents are left out & the process is eco-friendly as a bonus.

We use the Supercritical CO2 extraction method because it allows us to decarboxylate (heat up) cannabinoids.


Additionally, we believe extraction with a traditional liquid solvent (typically butane, isopropyl alcohol, hexane, or ethanol) adds chemicals that are not good for us, especially when concentrated further into products like extracts.

These traditional solvents can leave behind a harsh bitter taste, and worse, impurities from the chemicals.   

While other Cannabis products may be extracted using these chemical solvents, our Cannabis Sativa hemp is extracted using only CO2, temperature, & pressure. 

The Supercritical CO2 extraction process is critical in activating the cannabinoids & terpenes, via decarboxylation.


Simply, it heats up the cannabinoids  to activate them in a way that makes them bio-available and usable by your body.

This was traditionally achieved by "smoking" the Cannabis plant, and heat is needed to experience the full benefits of full spectrum of cannabinoids & terpenes.


This is because the terpenes and cannabinoids are in a raw form that is not bio-available, until they have undergone the process of being heated to certain temperatures.

Supercritical CO2 extraction works by using temperature & pressure to turn carbon dioxide into its liquid state.   This allows the safe extraction of various cannabinoids as well as terpenes & other naturally occurring phytonutrients of the flower. 

The end product is naturally free of CO2 once the extraction process is finished; the CO2 liquid is released back into a gas, all inside of a closed loop system.

This process is "green," sustainable & environmental friendly, since the closed loop system keeps the CO2 from being released into the environment.


Once the extraction is completed, all we have left is a concentrated full spectrum hemp flower extract, rich in cannabinoids, terpenes & other phytonutrients; free of unnecessary chemical solvents, or any harsh bitter after taste; activated and fully bio-available for our bodies to use.   
As a benefit, you can take less CBeeDifference hemp flower extract versus that are not bio-activated, or are not part of a full spectrum Cannabis Sativa product.

Click here to view our full spectrum profile and the benefits of our carefully selected Cannabis Sativa strain. 

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