Hemp Seed Oil & MCT Oil eXplained

Is there really a difference between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Oil, and why did we choose MCT oil as our “carrier” oil? 

First, a
carrier oil is simply any oil that is safe in larger quantities, for topical or internal use.  They are often used to deliver much more potent oils or extracts, that are harder to dose on their own.

Hemp seeds can be pressed, just like any other seed, to produce an oil.  It is true that hemp seed oil is very nutritious for you, containing lots of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 


Hemp seeds, however, very much lack cannabinoids and terpenesin them, which are found in much greater concentration on the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) flowers.  

What can be really confusing, is that hemp seed oil is allowed to be sold simply as “Hemp Oil”.  This is one reason why many “Hemp Oils" can be purchased at a lower price than a Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract in a carrier oil.


Hemp grown for its flowers require much more care and attention compared to mass harvesting the plant for seeds.  Another reason is that hemp is being imported from overseas.

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So hemp seed oil (also known as “hemp oil”) is simply not the same as a full spectrum hemp flower extract with regards cannabinoids and terpenes; which is often put into a carrier oil, such as Hemp seed oil.  Confused yet?  We were too, at first. 


Let's try to help clear this a bit more.

The strain of Cannabis that is selected and how it is cultivated, is just as important as which parts of the plant are used.  Seeds, stems and stalks have less cannabinoids and terpenes, compared to the flowers.   

Hemp grown for it's long fiber filled stalks or for seed, instead of cultivated for female flowers, will have less of the cannabinoids and terpenes too.   

Female flowers will produce more cannabinoids and terpenes in an effort to attract a male plant.  This is because the entire Cannabis Genus, which includes hemp, is dioecious.

When the male plants are removed from the area, the female plant will produce more cannabinoids and terpenes in an effort to attract a male for pollination.

If a male plant is in the area, the plant will be pollinated and then will "go to seed."   The plant no longer puts its energy into making cannabinoids and terpenes to attract the male, it puts it's energy into the seed, helping ensure the next generation of the plant.   

Hemp grown for seed can be mass produced in large fields, as it does not require much attention, and can be harvested by machines, instead of by harvesting by hand to carefully preserve the delicate cannabinoid and terpene covered flowers.  (Source)

Our hemp flower extract is carefully cultivated to be potent, so in order to make dosing easy and consistent, we dilute them into a carrier oil. 

By using a carrier oil to dilute our full spectrum hemp flower extract, it means the cannabinoiods can continue on beyond the liver and work in other areas in need.    


The increased bio-availability is just one reason why we chose MCT as a carrier oil, instead of using an alcohol or water based tincture.   We find the alcohols' unpleasant taste, unnecessary chemical additives, and less effective delivery are all good reasons to avoid using them.  

In addition to better delivery, we chose MCT oil for its' health benefits, too.  


While we could use hemp seed oil  ("hemp oil") as the carrier, since more of a good thing would seem better, MCT oil has shown to have different health benefits, due to its' Medium Chain Triglycerides, where it gets it's name from.  

MCTs have been shown to be thermogenic, with the ability to positively increase your metabolism, improve cognitive function of your brain, balance hormones, increases energy, improve gut function with the ability to combat harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, in addition to it's antioxidant properties.

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MCT oil is almost as good for us as, the cannabinoids & terpenes themselves!  

We find the health benefits of a MCT carrier oil, along with its neutral taste both win out over the earthy, hard-to-mask-taste of hemp oils, plus MCT oil helps cannabinoids avoid being metabolized, helping them last longer and reach other areas in the body, compared to a water soluble or alcohol based tincture.

Try our extracts in Organic MCT Oil, and discover the difference for yourself. 

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