What do WE mean by

Farm to Table?

The original farm to table concept sprouted out of Berkeley California, where a way of eating was started at the restaurant Chez Panisse by a woman name Alice Waters.  

She was inspired during her trip to France while watching chefs pick fresh produce with simple foods and local ingredients, before opening their restaurants each day.  After returning from her trip, quality and taste were handpicked and brought into her kitchens, and the Farm to Table concept began to grow.  

The most important part of the Farm to Table model begins with the selection of high quality, locally grown ingredients.


Have you ever noticed how bland, fleshy & tasteless some tomatoes can be; yet local farmer’s market varieties can be brighter in color, meaty & rich in tomato taste?   The flavor isn’t the only difference in various tomato varieties; their micro nutrition ranges as well as their color, shape, size & even texture. 


These tomatoes are all the same fruit (or vegetable depending on which camp you stand in on the argument,) but each variety will have minor variations, once grown & mature. 

There are also many different varieties of grapes to make wine, and the variety of grape selected, in addition to the soil it's grown in, will have huge impacts on the outcome of the wine that is made.


These variations occur in most plants, so that when cross breeding strains with careful attention to its qualities, in addition to how it's grown, the outcome of the final product can be vastly different. 

This specific selection works the same for breeding dogs if you favor mans' best friend instead.


All domesticated dogs contain similar traits, but as they have been selectively bred to be put to work, these qualities have been emphasized in certain breed groups, such as the herding group, the working group & the hound group.


These groups of dog breeds now have a wide range of strengths & attributes, some with strengths that seem merely to keep your lap warm, like the non-sporting group. 

Selecting the right strain of hemp with careful attention to it's cannabinoid & terpene profile is the foundation of having the right cannabinoid & terpene rich product; just like selecting the right grape for making wine; choosing the right tomato strain for meaty flavorful tomatoes; or even choosing which dog breed is right for you. 

At CBeeDifference, we follow this same farm to table model, beginning with the most important step: the selection of the right Cannabis Sativa hemp strain with an emphasis on a well rounded full spectrum strain potent in cannabinoids & terpenes.  

We make sure our farmlands have no nearby factories & our plants are planted in clean soil, surrounded by fresh mountain streams & mountain air, hazy gray & filled with terpenes.

We test soil samples to ensure healthy growing conditions, ensure our hemp is managed & grown without any pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers, organically, under a hemp pilot program, with special attention to the handling and drying process to avoid mold, E. coli, Salmonella, bacteria or mycotoxin growth.   

Click here to read more about why all hemp are not created equal.


The final step occurs with processing the hemp plant into their various extract concentrations, with USDA Organic and CDPHE Certified Supercritical CO2 Extraction processing & handling, for pharmaceutical grade purity and precision, all done on farm site, to ensure we are following the best sustainable model possible.   


Click here  to read more  about our extraction process.

Finally our 3rd party testing confirms the concentration levels of cannabinoids & terpenes, with no more than 0.3% THC;  also tested for purity & safety and free of contaminants like mold, bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella, arsenic, heavy metals, pesticides & mycotoxins, all known to exist in all Cannabis & hemp products.  


This testing ensures we are not concentrating these common hemp contaminant into our extracts, making them even more unsafe to consume. 


Click here to view our COAs and learn more about our 3rd party lab.

All of these steps are followed to make sure we provide pure and high quality hemp products, using sustainable practices that are planet positive that is beneficial to our bodies, and our pets, too.   


Click here to learn more about how growing hemp can be planet positive. 

While it’s not easy to drive down to your local farmers market and buy a high quality potent full spectrum hemp product, we make it as close to that experience as possible.


Grown here in the US, in the fertile valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains; our farm strives to provide the closest farm to table experience as possible in our methods; all to bring high quality hemp products easily to your doorstep. 

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