Full Spectrum VS CBD oil

Hemp Oil Vs

Hemp Seed Oil

Isn't it all the same thing?  Well.... not exactly.   

First, let us briefly explain Hemp vs Cannabis.  Hemp is legally is classified in the U.S. as any Cannabis plant that contains no more than 0.3% THC, and legally grown under a hemp pilot program. 


This means all hemp plants are a Cannabis plant, however not all Cannabis plants are hemp.  If it's not hemp, it's consider Marijuana, by law.  Science doesn't see it this way, but we are only focusing on the legal aspects.

Click here to learn more about what is hemp and the differences in Cannabis plants. 

Hemp stalks, leaves, and seeds, can all be pressed like any other plant or seed, to produce an oil. 

Hemp seed oil is simply oil pressed from the seeds of hemp, similar to coconut or avocado oil.

Hemp seed oil is nutritious for you, with lots of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


What can make all of really confusing, is that hemp seed oil is allowed to be also be sold as “hemp oil."

A bottle labeled as 10,000 mg of "hemp oil" is simply pressed hemp seeds, attempting to use marketing to sell a bigger number.

The stalks, leaves, and especially the seeds, however, very much lack cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Like CBD, these cannabinoids & terpenes have gained much attention over the last 30 years, for their effects on our body.  (Source

Cannabinoids & terpenes are found primarily on Cannabis flowers (including Sativa hemp varieties). 


These cannabinoids & terpenes are most abundant on the female flowers; only when all of the male plants have been removed from the area, early in the growing process. 

Cannabis plants are dioecious: it has male & female parts on separate plants for reproduction.


Growing hemp  specifically for full spectrum cannabinoid & terpene potent flowers, requires very special cultivation, compared to growing hemp for fiber, oil, or seed.


Hemp that is not grown for their potent flowers, can be easily mass cultivated & harvested with combines in large fields.

Careful cultivation, hand picked flowers (to preserve their delicate parts), meticulous drying, plus the method of extraction, are all a part of a higher price tag that comes with a higher quality Cannabis extract. 


In fact, many farms have jumped into growing hemp on their old cotton, tobacco, & corn fields, due to the promise of higher demand & profits.


Hemp grown on these old crop fields are not likely suitable for dietary consumption however, since all Cannabis strains are amazing at pulling pesticides & other toxins from the soil.  (Source)

Where the Cannabis plant is grown, it turns out, is very important too. 


Click here to read more about how not all hemp are created equal.  

For proper cultivation of full spectrum potent hemp flowers, the females plants need to be separate from the male plants.  This pushes the females to naturally produce more cannabinoids & terpenes in its' effort to attract a male.  


This careful cultivation creates a potent full spectrum flower, with naturally higher concentrations of cannabinoids & terpenes, versus plants that have not been tended to in this way.


Without this careful cultivation, the plants will be pollinated and "go to seed."  All of the plants energy is now put into the seeds; no longer put into producing more cannabinoids & terpenes.  (Source

The percentage of cannabinoids extracted into a product can vary for a number of reasons


  • The Cannabis strain chosen

  • How it was grown

  • How long it was grown for

  • Which parts of the plant were used

  • The extraction method used to remove & activate cannabinoids.

It is this reason why a full spectrum is paramount along with which strain chosen, how the plant is grown, plus the parts of the plant & extraction method used; all very important in determining the end quality & potency of a product.


Together, all of these reasons add up to why product effectiveness can vary.  

These boosting effects, called the entourage effect, adding to the total effectiveness of the extracts.

Their effectiveness is even greater when whole flower extract is used, making the total effect greater than the sum of its individual parts.  (Source

This model follows what has been repeatedly observed, when comparing the medicinal properties of any whole plant versus its' singular components.  (Source)

The extraction method is also very important when it comes to cannabinoids.  If cannabinoids are not decarboxylated (heated), they are not activated or "bio-available" to the body, making much of their benefits unrealized


Traditionally, Cannabis was "smoked" to bio-activate the cannabinoids.  We now have safer methods of activating the cannabinoids & terpenes, without the harmful effects that come with smoking a plant or breathing in chemical solvents that are often found in vape concentrates.


Click here  to read more  about our extraction method.

At CBeeDifference, we understand the importance of strategically selecting a well rounded Cannabis Sativa  hemp strain, legally grown under a hemp pilot program, with careful attention to where and how it is cultivated, dried, and extracted.


All of these steps effect the quality & potency of a full spectrum hemp flower extract, & our methods are the best way to utilize the most of what a Cannabis plant has to offer.

Our careful process provides pure & potent Cannabis Sativa hemp flower extracts safe from heavy metals, pesticides and other common hemp contaminates. 

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